Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bad timing

Wanted so bad to ride a long ride on the 950 or 640 to Wayne or Allegheny National Forests but decided to give Makayla a ride to Camp then maybe hit some back roads to lunch someplace on one of the beasts.

On the way home, phone call: "Can you help me fix my bike"?, yeah, be there by 2pm.  Once home, a second call from a team mate,  "Can you help me fix my bike"?, yeah, be there by 2pm.  Person 1 makes it there by 2pm, 2nd person tales til after 3pm and the job took 3 times longer than expected but at least I found his freehub had come totally unfastened from the hub.  

Finally we get to ride around 4:30 instead of 2:00 and head off towards Charm, Ohio.  5 miles away, RAIN!  Change of plans, turn north and head to a closer place of putting on the feed bag.  

Well it happened again, the 2nd time in as mant weeks, the mighty 950 died roadside.  Riding up the road 2 miles away, the bike just shut off like the key was stolen.  Check all the fuses, still good, shirt the battery, still good. Try unplugging the relay, hear a "click".  Bike lights come on but go right back out.  Can't keep them on so I call for help.  Dicking around waiting, find corroded wire at coupler.  Falls apart in hand, focking road salt!!  Neighbor pulls up with van from heating and cooling job on his way home from call and has spare wire, slice things up and Varoom!  Call back my tow home and cancel.

Luckily it was just something simple, luckily it didn't happen in or on the way to WNF where I had planned to go.

Today's Time trial really sucked.  My 1st outing on the single speed resulted in major pain and a total muscular bonk finishing 4th in age group.  While changing bikes, refreshing drinks and getting a gel for outing 2 in the 2 man team event, I hear "Gorman, your start time is up"!  Billy Slutz and I make it to the line with 3 seconds to spare.  We're off, like a heard of turtles suffering as much as before.  I figured we'd either be the only team or totally blow up.  We did come close to blowing but eeked out a win over 2 other teams.

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