Friday, July 9, 2010


ENOUGH PEOPLE!!!  The dude is a basketball player in a game that only requires one ball!!  All day productivity has come to a standstill across the state as armchair pros and damsels in distress debate and discuss the latest debacle because some dude is doing the same thing you would, looking for a better deal.  You act like life can't possibly go on with out a player.  Every TV at the restaurant today had people who call themselves annalist or reporters making a big deal out of some over paid athlete who drives up ticket prices because he demands more money.  People vandalizing, burning and crying like they lost their 1st born.

WAAHHHH!!  Get over it already.  Put that much emotion and energy into your job and community and see how much better life can be.

This makes Tiger Woods look like a Patron Saint.  But then again, most of those guys probably would have patted him on the back with a big ole "thatta boy" wishing it was them with the money and savoir faire to entertain Tigers harem.