Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventure in Overkill

Friday the 14th we went up to the unveiling of the new Ducati Multistrada in Akron presented by Northern Ohio Ducati.  The bike is pretty cool and I wanted to test it so I signed up for the last slot the next day.

Saturday I headed out with Turra to do a 30 mile bike ride, then garage sale-ing and then lunch.  Then I hopped on the 640 and headed out trail riding down at Battlesburg MX park.  After a few hours I headed north to a friends house who was riding up to the demo with me.  I used his garden hose to wash off my pants and we air dried them on the way up.  After the demo ride we headed south to meet the girls for dinner at the local steakhouse.  I was so tired I could barely stay awake for dinner.

Sunday we headed north to Brecksville.  Friends said I had to go back since I won the last edition by soloing 30 of the 30 miles.  Brecksville has no flat sections at all except for the inclined planes.  I sat in for a lap and then it all went to hell, like a farm dog, someone jumped so I chased.  It ended up being the winning move but I had left the winning legs at home with Saturdays calendar of events.  I won $20 for 6th place woo-hoo!

Afterwards Drew Bercaw and I set out on a supposedly 40 mile ride.  Supposedly because that was by the regular highway but I knew a shortcut, well, so I thought.  50 miles later we rolled into the Blue Heron Deli where our team cars were waiting to feed our starving tired butts.

We made it home just in time to watch the Tour of California where I promptly missed most of it because of eyelid failure.  I think I am getting too old for those types of weekends...

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